Top 3 Recent UFO Sightings

Top 3 Most Recent UFO Sightings
Top 3 Most Recent UFO Sightings From Around the World

UFO sightings have increased dramatically around the World in 2020 and over the past year. Here we will highlight and keep you updated on the top 3 most recent UFO sightings each week.

While many would have expected sightings to decrease this past year with people forced inside and in lockdowns during the Covid-19 Pandemic, the opposite was the case. 

UFO Sightings in the world increased on every continent, and in some cases more than doubled. 

UFO Sightings Up Nearly 50 Percent During Coronavirus Lockdowns (

The truth is out there: UFO Sightings up this year (

So the question is, why did UFO sightings increase? Here are a few theories from our researchers:

  • If UFOs are indeed extra terrestrial beings, they may be very interested in our sudden change in behavior or the effects of the pandemic on humans and our societies
  • Perhaps many of these UFO sightings are military craft, what better time to test out cutting edge technology than during a Pandemic when everyone is distracted
  • Could they be a means of surveillance, again, the Pandemic and lack of air traffic could provide a perfect opportunity for foreign states to examine infrastructure and military installations
  • Alternatively, it could be that we all have more time to look out the window or up at the sky, and have become more aware of the presence of UFOs in the skies. Certainly less of us are on trains and buses with our faces glued to our devices on our daily commutes

Whatever the reason behind the large increase in UFO sightings around the world, they are certainly an observable phenomenon worth further investigation.  

Here are the top 3 most recent UFO sightings in the world this week. 

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