A large object impacting Jupiter’s surface has been captured on October 15th, 2021, by the Planetary Observation Camera.

The Planetary Observation Camera at Kyota University is used to capture transient events such as meteorites impacting the planets in our solar system. 

A similar impact occurred on August 7th, 2019, and showed a large impact  in great detail thanks to Astrophotographer Ethan Chappel who was photographing Jupiter at the time. Here is one of the frames of the impact he captured. 

Object Impacting Jupiter's Surface
Large Object Impacting Jupiter's Surface

As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter’s gravity attracts many of the larger bodies into its orbit and can often lead to their eventual demise, as they impact it’s surface. 

In many ways, Jupiter is the bouncer of the solar system, helping to clean up the dangerous bodies, reducing the likelyhood of extinction level events for Earth, and protecting the smaller planets from massive impacts. 

Some believe that without a very large planet like Jupiter, humans could not have evolved to have become the dominate species of our planet, as constant bombardment from meteors and other bodies, would have limited any chance for one species to rise to dominance. 

As such, it may be reasonable for humans when looking for intelligent alien life, to scan solar systems that also include a large bouncer type planet.

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