The sun has a complex internal structure with varying temperatures from the surface to the core. 

Strong gravitational forces compress hydrogen atoms at the suns core and keep the sun from exploding. This process is called nuclear fusion and generates enormous amounts of energy and heat. 

Scientists estimate that our sun will burn itself out in around 4 billion years. Until then, it will continue to provide the energy and heat that drives life on our planet. 


So Just How Hot Is The Sun?

The suns inner core can reach up to 15 million degrees Celsius. 

Whereas the surface of the sun of about 5500 degrees Celsius. However there are areas called sun spots, which are darker and cooler, around 4500 degrees. 

The corona, the suns crown, though being furthest from the core, has temperatures ranging from 1 million to 10 million degrees Celsius. Scientists are unsure why the corona is so hot and has such a large range of heat.  

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