A well known conspiracy theory purports that the moon landings were faked. It’s followers have waxed and waned over the years, but a brand new video from the Apollo 11 landings has emerged that appears to show a transparent astronaut climbing down the landers ladder. 

This stunning and incredible video can be found on NASA’s on website hidden among the archive of old footage. Incredibly, the video clearly shows a transparent astronaut, with the background clearly visible through his legs and torso. 

Not only is this impossible with the cameras that were sent up with the Apollo 11 missions, it’s a clear sign that two separate films have been combined together, strongly suggesting that the footage is manipulated, edited and therefore staged. 

Does it comprehensively prove that the Apollo 11 missions never actually landed on the lunar surface, that the missions were filmed in closed sets as has been suggested in the fake moon landing theory?

No, it’s not definitive proof that the missions never landed on the moon, as NASA has previously said they carried out extensive training ahead of the missions and some of this training was captured on video.

However it beggars the question, if this is a training mission, why the need to overlay two different videos, why make it look like a real landing, and how is that in any way training for the real missions.

If it was a training exercise, we would see an astronaut actually coming down the ladder and practicing the maneuver, rather than faking the footage. 

Transparent Astronaut Coming Down Apollo 11 Ladder

Watching the video reveals an astronaut coming down the Apollo 11 Lander ladder, as they slide downward, it is clear that they are partially transparent. Through the transparent astronaut the horizon and the lander shadows can be seen in stark relief. 

The shadows and the horizon remain in position, while the astronaut moves down the ladder. This allows us to see that the transparency is not a momentary anomaly, pixilation or a compression artefact, but rather two videos layered one on top of the other. 

Certainly the footage is compelling, and shows a clear intent to mislead. There is no need for such manipulation if the real footage existed.

Perhaps parts of the mission were recreated or were prepared ahead of time as insurance. 

Who can say what the motives were, but certainly it raises doubts about the Apollo 11 missions in general, about NASA’s motives, and whether they were covering something up.

Another theory suggests they encountered something on the moon’s surface itself. Could the video footage from the moon have something in the background they needed to hide? 

This video proves one thing, NASA is willing to create misinformation. Hopefully why the have done so, will come to light sooner than later. 

Transparent Astronaut
Transparent Astronaut - Found in Official NASA Apollo 11 Video

Why would such a video exist Why is it on an official NASA website? Does it suggest the lunar missions were faked?

There is no reason for such a video to exist unless there was an intent to hide something.

If the missions really happened, why create such a video? Was this a cautious attempt to prepare for the eventuality should the missions fail?

Why take such a risk? After all, every fake image or video increases the odds of discovery. 

Perhaps the videos from the actual mission could not be used? If so, why? Did they find something on the moon? 

So many questions, but one fact is clear, NASA recorded this video for a reason. 

This type of fake took expertise, money, time and coordination. This was not a simple feat back in the 1960s. 

Whatever the reason, it was an intentional act of misinformation and they continue to hide the true reason from the public more than 50 years later. 

This in itself suggests the secret, whatever it may be, is still relevant and worth covering up. 

What that secret may be is still anyone’s guess. Clearly, though, it must be incredible…

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