The future is almost here, NASA is working on infrastructure that will manage and control AI Flying Cars. 

The technology is almost ready to roll out Smart Cities, where people no longer control cars on the ground, instead AI software will take over the controls to ensure that flying cars do not crash into buildings or each other. 

Think about Google Maps and Telsa self driving cars having a baby, and then add some steroids. 

NASA has a vision for the future and is working to bring it to pass.

AI Flying Cars

Artificial Intelligence would be quicker, smarter and  more able to work seamlessly between millions of flying cars to get people from point A to point B without impact and simultaneously ensuring the most optimal route for each passenger. 

This is the reality we are about to embrace, and NASA has already begun work on the infrastructure and software that will lay the ground work for ‘Smart Cities’. 

While we may have some concerns about run away computer control, and movies tell us that there are many dangers associated with handing over our safety to AI and Flying Cars, the lure of convenience is something we’ve struggled to resist at every turn. 

If it can be done, it probably will be. 

And NASA is telling us it can be done. So how comfortable do you feel with the idea of Smart Cities and AI Flying Cars? 

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