A glowing sphere in the sky video, titled “UFO over catamaran” was filmed changing altitude and moving among the clouds.

The observation was made by a couple who were shooting their fashionable swimsuit content on their catamaran when they saw a glowing sphere moving in the sky above them. 

The video was captured off the coast of North Carolina on May 16th 2021. 

The couple tracked the object as it made its way to the horizon and disappeared from sight. 

The glowing orb UFO passed directly above them, and at one point they were able to film it as a commercial jet tracked across the sky leaving its tell-tale contrail behind it. Giving some perspective to the altitude and movements of the sphere UFO.

Glowing brightly, the object stood out well against the blue background of the clear skies, and moved in and amongst the occasional white cloud. 

UFO Over Catamaran

The observation was also registered and reported by the US Navy as a legitimate UFO sighting. 

The couple who filmed the glowing sphere UFO above their catamaran, have advised that they have other video footage of the event and will be releasing it shortly. 

UFO Over Catamaran
UFO Over Catamaran - North Carolina - May 16th 2021

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