The ISS camera’s appear to have captured a Triangle UFO seen approaching and moving near the International Space Station. 

The Triangle UFO comes into the camera shot from the right, and is clearly visible as three large lights moving in formation, with a smaller four light or reflection between two of the main lights. 

There appears to be surface area between the lights, while the Triangle UFO is moving across the field of view, there are subtle reflections that imply this is more than just 4 lights moving in formation, but rather one larger object or craft.

Triangle UFO

There is a long history of triangle shaped UFOs being observed in the skies on every inhabited continent across centuries of time. 

Accounts spanning hundreds of years, tell of shapes in the sky, strange helmeted gods visiting Earth, and battles that took place between different shapes, including an incident in 1561 above Nuremberg, which was detailed and an artist recreated the event based on what they say they saw.  

1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg
1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg

More recent sightings have been put down to highly secretive military craft such as the TR-3B Craft a supposedly anti-gravity space craft developed by the US air force. 

In this instance, something moved past the field of view of the cameras on the International Space Station, it approached the ISS and then continued past it. 

The object has it’s own light sources, and this immediately rules out satellites, which as they are unmanned, have no need for lights. The object appears to be a Triangle UFO with lights or some form of propulsion that creates light. 

The question is, this Triangle UFO passing near the International Space Station, does it belong to humanity, perhaps a secret military craft or is it something else altogether? 

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