The WOW signal was incredibly powerful, and although our detection only captured 72 seconds of signal, it may have lasted much longer. 

The radio telescope was panning across the sky and 72 seconds was the period the telescope was focused on any given point as it moved. 

Not only was the signal very close to the Hydrogen line, where scientists have speculated it is likely a highly advanced civilisation might communicate but it was a signal that appeared more likely to be artificial in origin than naturally occurring.

The above video goes into what Black Swan events are, how important the WOW signal might be, and how we might be able to calculate and monitor for future repeats of this WOW signal from the same source.

If we do detect another signal, then it puts us on a new trajectory to potential detection of an alien civlisation or some new astronomical event. The fact that it repeats (if we detect another signal) means that it could very well be intelligently created and intended to be found.

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