Scientific endeavor and research are commendable, but is exploration the real truth behind the Perseverance Rover Mission, is it why Perseverance was really sent to Mars?

A growing number of people believe there is more to the missions to Mars than meets the eye. Certainly images that have come back from previous exploration, rovers, probes and flybys have provided incredible views of our red neighbour. 

However, some of the images have raised more questions than they have answered, with what appears to be obfuscation, air-brushing, whitewashing and blurring of some areas of in the photographs that are released to the public. 

So Why Was Perseverance Really Sent To Mars?

It’s an interesting question, when you consider that humanity has now sent five rovers to Mars and the latest is equipped with a helicopter for aerial reconnaissance. Compare this with the one rover NASA sent to Venus and incredibly not a single unmanned rover has been sent to the moon by NASA.

You could argue that there is little interest scientific value in unmanned rovers on the moon, but Russia, China and India have all sent multiple to the moon for varied and extensive scientific research.  Additionally, NASA recently announced humans will be going back to the moon for further research and to establish a manned base, so clearly there is more exploration for the lunar surface to come. 

Mars is an incredibly more difficult undertaking, but that single planet in our Solar System seems to hold NASA’s attention with an unblinking eye.     

We just keep sending up vehicles that we can drive around on the red surface, taking photos and videos and collecting data. None of these images are released in real time, but rather drip fed through the NASA websites, providing plenty of “opportunity” (pardon the pun) for adjustment and obfuscation where required.

There are growing numbers of photographers, video analysts and amateur photoshop enthusiasts who believe that there is a great deal more information in the photos than it may appear to the naked eye.

Perseverance Before Sharpening Image
Perseverance Image From NASA

With careful reconstruction, filtering and burn tools that help to bring out details in the background, they believe that NASA and other organizations have been covering up the real reason for the missions.  

More than that, they believe that the rovers are being sent to explore ruins, structures and the existence of past alien civilizations on the surface of Mars and that the images are carefully filtered, color washed and edited to remove as much detail as possible of these findings. 

Perseverance Image Restoring Background

The Spirit Rover which also sent back many images from the surface of Mars, revealed an unexplained phenomenom that many have suggested was proof of life on the red planet. They believe some form of animal or alien life form was captured by the rover over a number of days. 

Perhaps it was even spying on the rover, or NASA was aware of it and kept coming back to the location for further study. You can see the Spirit Rover images and read more about Life On Mars

Read about the official NASA Perseverance mission overview and view the original images. 

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