This is a must watch video, showing compelling and amazing moon UFO footage of an object above the lunar surface traversing across the moon and changing direction of an extended period of time.

The video was captured accidentally by Alberto Mayer, an Italian astronomer who was cleaning and recalibrating his Celestron C8 telescope. 

Using stacking software, he has put together a timelapse video showing the path the UFO took as it flew above the lunar surface. This “amazing moon UFO” or the shadow it casts is very clear on the bright lunar surface and travels at a steady rate across a large section of the moon.

It’s path is meandering until it performs a sudden and sharp turn and then it continues on in a straight line until visibility is lost. 

While many have claimed it is a UFO, others have suggested it is the shadow cast by a UFO and the evidence for this is in the movement of and very subtle changes in size and shape of the shadow as it moves over hills and craters. A physical object would not be expected to exhibit these properties, however a shadow of such an object as it moves between the sun and the moon would create such an effect. 

This also implies the object is much larger than the size of the shadow, depending upon how far away from the lunar surface it actually is, however exact size is not possible to determine from the footage available. 

The crisp nature of the shadow does imply that the object is quite close to the moon, or that it is very large. 

It is not a satellite as they would not perform a U-turn in this manner, and their shadow would be expect to traverse the lunar surface much more rapidly as they orbit. Additionally the shape of the object is more spheroid and unlike any known manned or unmanned space vehicle. 

This footage is even more compelling as the details about the equipment, the location on the surface of the moon, time and date are all supplied. 

Truly it is an amazing moon UFO video and worth watching zoomed in and in great detail. 

Credit to the astronomer for this incredible find, and for sharing it. 

Amazing Moon UFO
Amazing Moon UFO Changes Direction

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