A very fast UFO over Albuquerque New Mexico has been filmed darting about and around clouds and following a plane. 

The object is reflective, white and orb or cylindrical in shape and moves at tremendous speed making it hard to track with a camera. 

The object changes direction frequently and slows down and then accelerates again, showing clear signs of controlled flight. 

It does not appear to have any exhaust, wings or known forms of propulsion that are easily identifiable, however the location is interesting, in the well known New Mexico area and could indicate additional information about the unknown craft. 

This short video captures the very fast UFO over Albuquerque until the cameraman looses the UFO behind the branches of a tree. 

The recording was filmed on February 26th, 2021 over Albuquerque New Mexico and shows a white spherical craft. This very fast UFO proceeds rapidly across the sky while making many turns and changes of direction. 

In the very first few frames you can see the contrails of the plane which had just passed by, and which the very fast UFO was following for some time, before it darts away from the path of the plane to head in a more easterly direction. 

Very fast UFO Over Albuquerque New Mexico
Very fast UFO Over Albuquerque New Mexico

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