Whether they are UFOs or secret military craft like the TR-3B, there is no doubting that they are in the skies above us. Using Night Vision UFOs jump out from the night sky and it quickly becomes clear that there is something out there…

Night Vision UFO Captures

Looking up at the night sky, you might admire the stars far off in the distance, you might enjoy the brightness of a full moon as it reflects sunlight to us, or you might not see much at all if there is significant cloud cover. 

The story changes however if you have the equipment to view the night sky using Night Vision or Infrared Cameras. Rather than only seeing a small section of the light spectrum, your eyes are augmented by technology and things that were hidden become visible. 

Watch in this video as a triangle shape is captured using Night Vision UFO scope finding technology. Three distinct dots very common to the TR-3B secret space craft that supposedly doesn’t exist, travel in exact formation. 

It is almost certainly one craft and the three dots are the propulsion system. However, whatever it is, it is not natural, it is designed, has propulsion, is being controlled in flight and perhaps most of all, it’s been made to be invisible to the human eye. 

These ships are not normally visible, and only become obvious and easy to track when Night Vision allows us to see the UFOs. Then we become aware how many of them are flying above us in the night sky each night. 

As the Night Vision UFO finding technology becomes more prevalent, there will be an explosion of footage available, and people will be able to verify the existence of the TR-3B, other secret military craft and of course UFOs.  

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