Another monolith has appeared out of nowhere, like the famous Utah Monolith, which was believed to be an art installation in the middle of nowhere. 

However investigations were unable to uncover any tracks, or trace evidence for how such a large installation could have been moved and then setup in the very remote regions of  San Juan County, Utah. 

Weeks later, the monolith vanished, removed from the site, with only a hole in the ground to show where it had been. 

Some people claimed it was an alien site, that the monolith itself had been put their by UFOs, though there was no proof of this, and because it went missing there was no way to investigate the structure of the installation. 

Now, months later, a third monolith has appeared, this time its a Turkey Monolith and the authorities have setup a military guard around the object to ensure it does not go missing or get vandalised. 

Where are they coming from, who installed them and why? Many questions remain. 

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