Watch this incredible video capture of 3 UFOs seen from the ISS Live Feed, skimming through and above the clouds at incredible speeds. 

Clearly they are not weather balloons, or any natural phenomenon, they are propelled at incredible speed, maintain altitude above the clouds, and appear to be carrying out controlled flight, so what are they?

The fact that there are 3 UFOs, they are travelling in the same direction and at the same speeds, and they are clearly within the Earth’s atmosphere as their progress can be seen disturbing the tops of some of the clouds, rules out many things.

These are clearly not satellites as they are not in orbit, they are not weather balloons as the velocity is far too high. They are not birds or other animals as they move too fast, show no movement such as wings flapping and have a metallic reflectivity. 

These are also not pixilation issues on the camera, or stray artefacts, they are interacting with the clouds and leaving trails behind as they move. We can rule out most things through observation of their movements. 

So what are the 3 UFOs seen from ISS Live Feed?

Based on their velocity, altitude and movement, they are aircraft of some sort. They are clearly under controlled flight and they are travelling together in the same direction.

Therefore we can say they are 3 UFOs; Unidentified Flying Objects. 

More than this, we can see they do not appear to poses wings, which is very unusual for a normal human designed aircraft that can travel at those speeds. True we have hot air balloons that do not possess wings, but they travel where the wind takes them.

We also have missiles that have smaller wings, less obvious and carry out controlled flight, but these a long and thin, not circular, and are under jet propulsion with a clear jet coming out of the back of them.

So are these 3 UFOs alien? Are they some form of new military technology? Both are possible, but there is no way to tell yet. 

Clearly they exist and we now have a good video as a reference for future comparison, Hopefully we will see more observations of these craft to help us draw more conclusions about what they may be and who exactly they belong to…

3 UFOs seen from the ISS Live Feed

If you have seen something similar, or have information about these objects, please post it below. 

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