A pilot and his co-pilot have filmed a foo fighter UFO flying near their plane as they flew over Karachi, Pakistan on 23rd January 2021.  

Watch as Foo Fighter UFO approaches plane

While flying over Karachi Pakistan, a pilot and co-pilot were incredulous as they spotted a glowing round orb keeping pace with the plane. 

The Foo Fighter UFO, a term used to describe glowing orbs which followed planes during World War II, had a very distinct glowing shape, with what appeared to be another shape inside it. 

The quick thinking pilot turned on his camera to capture the event, but first turned the camera on his instrumentation read out for the plane so that the exact location, time and altitude were all recorded during the interaction. 

The fast moving Foo Fighter UFO shines far too brightly to be just reflecting sun light, and clearly has a power source to produce both the light source and to propel the craft along beside the plane. 

The pilots can be heard on the video, as they express their consternation about what the object could be, how it could keep up with a commercial airliner and what the eerie interaction might mean. 

The object is shaped like a circular coin, but has some width with what appears to be a metallic edge, based on the luster and reflectivity. 

Foo Fighter UFO
Foo Fighter UFO

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