A bizarrely shaped Hexagon UFO has been seen twice over Colombia in recent months. Not only has this Hexagon UFO been spotted in two different locations on two different dates, it has been recorded by a corporate pilot. 

In high quality footage, the pilot pans away and back and managed to capture this Hexagon UFO travelling at very high speeds above the clouds. The object is clearly under controlled flight, moving in a straight line at high speed.

Interestingly, the UFO while carrying out high speed flight, appears to be rotating end on end suggesting it is not a conventional form of propulsion, relying on traditional thrust as you might see from a drone, jet or rocket. 

Hexagon UFO Over Medellin Colombia

The UFO was also filmed by a hiker who ascended a rise and spotted the dark shape in the distance, again sitting above the clouds and out of site for most people. 

The hiker recorded the UFO on a different day and in a different area of Colombia, clearly showing that it is not a unique incident, and likely rules out the object being a weather balloon, as some have suggested. 

Additionally, weather balloons do not try horizontally at high speeds, have instrumentation, generally viewable trailing below the balloon, and tend to have more of a hot air balloon shape. 

It seems very unlikely that this Hexagon UFO seen twice over Colombia in recent months, could possibly be a weather balloon, and much more likely to be some form of aircraft under controlled flight. 

Hexagon UFO Seen Twice Over Colombia
Close Up of Hexagon UFO

Another factor against this being a weather balloon is the fact that it is travelling so fast above the clouds. If it was a weather balloon and the wind was so incredibly strong, the object would not be slowly and smoothly turning end on end.

Strong wind gusts would be buffeting the balloon and turn it in all directions. Additionally the clouds below the object are still, calm and not churning in motion due to strong winds. The plane also is not experiencing turbulence or strong winds. 

As the object has been spotted on two separate occasions, it seems likely it may be regularly flying in the skies of Colombia, and residents are urged to keep an eye out and record any more instances of this Hexagon UFO. 

Close Up of Hexagon UFO
Hexagon UFO Seen Twice Over Colombia

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