UFO On The Moon
UFO On The Moon

Compelling footage has emerged from citizen astronomers, who were providing a closeup stream of the lunar surface over hours. A UFO on the moon can be seen taking off and flying over the surface. 

At first the UFO on the moon is not moving and appears to be sitting on the surface, but it takes off and instantly banks right. As it skims across the moon it appears to vanish and reappear a number of times. 

Could this be a form of cloaking or camouflage?  Is it kicking up dust or just very difficult to see. At one point it seems to fly over an area of hills that provide deep shade, and the UFO stands out in stark relief against the darkness. 

UFO On The Moon

The UFO appears to take off from a distinct rectangular shape on the moon’s surface, and flies past another large rectangular shape as it skims across the moon. The second larger rectangle appears to extend out from the dark shadow cast by mountains, ridges and valleys.

If these are moon bases, and certainly many citizen astronomers are making a lot of noise claiming to have captured extensive video footage of UFO’s flying above the moon’s surface and coming out of moon bases. 

They also suggest that the moons surface is covered with straight lines, shapes and what appear to be constructed buildings that are heavily camouflaged and provides more proof of moon bases.  

Then this raises a very interesting question. Who then would these buildings, UFOs and bases belong to? Are we seeing aliens on the moon, observing us, interacting with our planet, perhaps communicating with our governments and it is all being kept secret? 

Or are we seeing human habitation on the moon. If we are, then the clandestine nature of the UFOs on the moon, suggests that the bases are military in nature. So which country has the capabilities, budget, will and ability to construct moon bases over what must have taken decades? 

Really there is only one nation on Earth currently that could have achieved such a feat in secret. That nation is The United States of America. Not only are they the only nation to ever have landed people on the moon to date, they have been the dominate nation on Earth for decades. 

Additionally, The United States of America have trillions of dollars invested each year in black budget hidden military spending, could a significant portion be funding moon bases? They have advanced military technology, much of it classified and secret, and now, they have a space force. 

Let’s say that one more time…America has a Space Force…

The question then becomes, is it aliens or America? And Occam’s razor suggests that the simplest answer is the most likely. I’m not saying it’s aliens; I’m saying it’s America.  

UFO and Moon Bases

This video was captured:

  • January 21st, 2021 at 8:38:11 PM
  • The Moon’s direction was 244.23D WSW
  • Altitude: 65.29
  • Distance: 251,148 mi
  • Live from Miami Florida
  • By P&K Space Imaging – Credit for Video and Stills

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