A resident of Oakley California was amazed to watch as small UFOs came out of a big UFO mothership. The craft performed changes of direction and accelerated, before divesting its cargo of small UFOs. 

The smaller objects were released or exited the base of the big UFO mothership, and then moved away. Each small object, like the big UFO glowed on their own. 

It’s unclear at this distance what shape the UFOs had or exactly what they were doing, but at least four small UFOs can be seen coming out before they move away and disappear. 

Big UFO Mothership
Small UFOs coming from Big UFO Mothership

The man can be heard talking as he captured the strange encounter, and as the small UFOs begin exiting the craft you can hear the alarm and concern in his voice. 

Any other residents of Oakley California or near by areas who witnessed or recorded footage of this occurrence are asked to send it in for further analysis and to provide more clarity on the objects and activities in question. 

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