Could Volcanoes be more than they appear, or perhaps be providing shelter for UFOs? It seems crazy, but recent UFO sightings near volcanoes have sparked a great deal of attention. Webcam footage shows as two UFOs enter Volcano 4 minutes apart.

Individually, they appear more like comets, falling from the sky and randomly landing within a volcano. However these are not necessarily individual events. 

Could it be a meteor shower? 

It’s not a meteor shower, they occur when a larger objects breaks up on entry to the atmosphere, and the smaller components then burn up individually, streaking through the sky and making a spectacular light show. 

It could be two different meteors that just happen to converge on the same volcano, with completely different starting points, trajectories, and only 4 minutes apart from each other. The odds are incredibly small, but certainly it’s not impossible. 

However, again, these events may not be in isolation either; there was another interesting capture on web cam recently at another Volcano, that caught something flying out of the mouth of the volcano. That’s right a third UFO, this time coming out of, rather than flying into a volcano.  

Adding a little more spice to these instances, a photo has emerged from a third video, which was setup to capture a volcanic eruption. The camera worked beautifully and caught the moments the volcano sprang into life, spewing lava, ash and smoke into the air. 

Interestingly, it also captured a white object moving behind the volcano and across the screen moments after the eruption. 

UFO behind Volcano Popocatepetl
UFO behind Volcano Popocatepetl as it Erupts

Certainly these unexplained interactions do raise some questions. Why might UFOs enter volcanos? Where could an alien species hide, where they would not be interrupted, detected or followed? 

An active Volcano would be an excellent base of operations if you had the technology to survive the pressure and heat. 

It’s currently beyond our abilities, which means we can’t effectively explore or go there, and we are unable to examine what is happening in great detail below the surface of a Volcano or in the magna chamber. 

We are not ruling out coincidence, but it bares further investigation and at least watching the volcano cams would also provide some excellent and safe views of any future eruptions. 

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