A photographer capturing stunning images of a Sunset over Harima, Japan has also caught a Sunset UFO moving in and out of the clouds and performing a change of direction to turn around before flying off rapidly. 

In this instance, a Japanese photographer was capturing a stunning sunset, when something else came into frame and caught their eye. A small dot can be observed coming out of the clouds and appears to get larger. 

This sunset UFO, then performs a complete change of direction, it reverses direction in a very tight turn, and then moves off to the right of frame before leaving the shot. 

The camera was setup on a tripod and zoomed in, making it very hard for the photographer to adjust the angle to track the UFO further.  

Photographer Captured a Sunset UFO
Photographer Captured a Sunset UFO

Sunset UFO's

The term sunset UFO’s was coigned to describe the mysterious objects and UFOs that are most visible at sunrise and sunset. They show up or are more noticeable because of the way they reflect the sunlight. 

However it may also be coincidental that we see them at this time because it is when we look to the sky to admire the beauty of the sun setting or rising. The human eye is naturally better at observing movement. 

This has to do with the design of our eyes and the fact that they are oriented on the front of our face to gauge distance. This is primarily a evolutionary trait related to our hunting expertise, because we are fundamentally a predator, and like all predators, we have eyes on the front of our head to judge distance to prey. 

Additionally, our eyes see better in low levels of light by using peripheral vision, try looking sideways at something in the dark and you can see more detail. This is true at night and at sunset and sunrise, and helps us notice movement. 

Stunning Sunset UFO Captured

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