2020 was a year were humans faced unprecedented issues from raging fires in Australia, storms around the world and of course Covid-19, it was a tough year for most. However there were some special moments in NASA Spaceflight that deserve some attention. 

For the first time in decades, American again launched astronauts using American rockets on a commercial spacecraft thanks to SpaceX Crew Modules. Commercial spaceflights allowed NASA to get back to what it does best.  

The year marked 20 years of human habitation in space, with the International Space Station being crewed continuously for the past 20 years, including crew from all around the world in conjunction with Russian cosmonauts. 

The ISS even managed to receive some improvements and was made larger with nano racking modules added, along with a number of upgraded systems. Some of this was overshadowed by ISS leaks that sent astronauts and cosmonauts alike scurrying to find them.  

Cargo and commercial flights were successfully conducted and have set the basis for new milestones in coming years and provide a leaping off point for the upcoming Artemis mission to the moon. 

Many milestones were achieved and set the stage for the next decade of space exploration. 

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