Having reported on rocket launches for years, our team have not seen anything like this before. Multiple UFOs Near Rocket Launch in China and then the Rocket Explodes. 

Just before, during and after the explosion anomalies were seen coming from one of the UFOs, and appeared like rings of distortion or sonic, concussive or perhaps gravitational waves which were especially visible in the smokey aftermath.  

A recent rocket launch near Suzhou, in China was proceeding like many others have before it. When an amateur photographer captured multiple objects which appeared to approach the rocket, one passing it very closely. 

A few moments later something can be seen below the rocket and a very odd wave or pulse is seen coming from a point below the rocket. This wave or pulse expands right in the direction of the rocket and appears to immediately have an impact on the rocket. 

The colour of the jet flame changes, then the rocket begins breaking apart and is followed by a large explosion in what can only be described as very unusual circumstances. 

The UFO nearest to the rocket, while still in the smoke and debris, and heading away from the explosion appears to continue emitting waves or pulses, both behind and beneath itself.

The smoke can be seen to move and form into expanding rings below the UFO in a very eerie sight. 

Is this some new Chinese weapon that is being tested, did it come from another country in a covert, subtle display of power, or is there something more other-wordly about it? Certainly it’s nothing we’ve ever seen before. 

There has been considerable reporting and speculation about the new super sonic weapons being developed in China, Russia and the US, but those are all about hitting targets at incredible speeds. This does not appear to be a super sonic weapon. 

UFOs Near Rocket Explosion

The manner in which the UFOs approached the rocket suggested the intent was to approach closely, it also suggest targeting. Further, this then implies the explosion was not by accident. 

The subsequent distortions in the smoke may speak to the type of propulsion or weapon used. Clearly some force was at work on the smoke, the two most likely culprits would be sonic or gravitational. 

Sonic weapons are known to exist, but have not been known to have been used like this.

Gravitational manipulation and control is not a known technology and would certainly be ground breaking if it has been used as either a form of propulsion or as a weapon. 

There are many unconfirmed articles about UFOs targeting nuclear silo’s, weapons and nuclear power stations. 

No nation has confirmed any of these officially, however military personnel have leaked reports and information about such encounters, including nuclear weapons going inoperable after such encounters. 

Franky, we don’t have a lot of hard answers at this stage, we’ve not seen UFOs or objects approaching rocket launches like this before, we’ve not seen pulses or waves during or after a rocket explosion and we’re not expecting much information to come from China either. 

One big question that arises, what was on board that rocket, what was the launch intent and why would someone or something want to target and blow it up. It certainly implies this rocket mission was more than it appeared. 

UFOs Near Rocket Explosion - Odd Waves Detected
UFOs Near Rocket Explosion - Odd Waves Detected

This footage may well be suppressed by the CCP and if it is a new type of weapon, other countries may not be keen to speak publicly about what caused the explosion.  

If you have further information about this explosion, the forces at work or the source of the UFOs, please post below. This article will be updated as more information becomes available. 

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