Two black UFOs have been spotted on the ISS Live Stream as they skim over clouds at high speeds. The two objects can be seen leaving a wake behind in some of the clouds and subtly change direction. 

Two Black UFOs Cloud Surfacing

The objects are observed moving very fast and appear to change size and shape, however this is most likely due to the perspective compared with the clouds below them being at different heights.

The first object appears to be larger and circular, the second is smaller and triangular in shape. Could it be a TR3B military spacecraft, following a UFO?

It’s also possible the objects we are seeing are actually incredibly massive and this is just the shadows they are casting on the clouds below.  

However the video looks to show a trail behind the UFOs at different points as they move through the top edge of some of the clouds.

While the resolution is not high enough to be certain, it appears they are actually skimming along the top of the clouds. 

If so, then this rules out shadows being cast by satellites (already exceedingly unlikely, the satellites would be enormous). 

Two Black UFOs Cloud Skimming
Two Black UFOs Cloud Skimming

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