Probably the most commonly spotted type of UFO is the glowing white Orb UFO. Sometimes they glow different colours, but these type of objects have been seen and photographed since WWII when they use to follow planes headed into battle. 

 A white orb UFO appears on the horizon and stops over the distant mountains over Yuma, Azirona on Dec 16, 2020. 

As the camera zooms in, you can see the orb is glowing and shining with a shimmering effect. 

Unlike any commercially available drones or balloons, this is certainly an Orb UFO as it is unidentified and a flying object. 

White Orb UFO
White Orb UFO

Historical White Orb UFOs

There have been many sightings of white Orb UFOs all around the world for the better part of a hundred years or more.

In World War II pilots and aviators saw them so commonly they gave them a name “Foo Fighters“, as they would tag along behind the planes on missions and heading into battles. 

Another famous sighting of these types of UFOs occurred in the 1950s in Salem, when multiple witnesses saw a group of white orb UFOs flying in formation. 

A photo was taken by Coast Guard seaman Shell Alpert on July 16, 1952 at 09:35 AM capturing the moment when four white orbs in formation passed by.

White Orb Salem UFOs
White Orb Salem UFOs

A similar Orb UFO sighting occurred recently over Melbourne, Australia. 

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