Multiple images showing what appear to be shadows of people in space suits. NASA Mars Rover was fixed, odd tape suddenly on the vehicle and ties holding things together that were not apparent in original images. 

Plus the unexplained cleaning of solar panels each night (supposedly winds and storms) allowing the rovers to work years past expectations. Could it all point to an undisclosed human presence on Mars?

NASA Mars Rover Was Fixed

Not only has the Mars Curiosity rover sent back incredible images and explored vast tracks of Mars. It’s mission was expected to last only 90 days. 

The main reason for this is the battery was expected to go flat, and communications to be lost once the harsh environment and blasting sands of Mars took their toll on the solar panels. With all the sand being blown up, the solar panels were expected to gradually fail.

NASA reported good news that while the rover would go dark over night, each morning it would come back on line and begin working again as its batteries recharged. For some time it was unclear why this was possible.

Then NASA put forward the theory that the very winds that they had expected to reduce the mission duration, may actually be cleaning the solar panels each night, and allowing them to charge the battery back up again.

This seem reasonable for months, even years, but the rover ended up lasting 15 years, roaming around the Martian surface and sending back images. Now, many are asking questions about some of those images that were sent back.

There are a number of images on different dates where the cameras were pointed in odd directions but still managed to capture some shadows that have people scratching their heads. 

Here’s an example of an image that shows a shadow that is the spitting image of a space suited individual, and appears to be working on the rover. 

NASA Mars Rover Fixed​
NASAs Mars Rover Was Fixed

This is an official NASA image available here: NASA’s Mars Exploration Program


In other images it appears the Mars rover was fixed with some sort of rubber and ties or elastic. Comparing images of the Rover in promotional shoots there were no signs of the rubber ties, and indeed these don’t seem very mission standard.

Rather they certainly give the impression of field fixes done quickly on the go. Images of the Rover pre-launch show a vehicle very carefully built and prepared with metal bracing in all areas, versus these types of impromptu repairs…

Mars Rover Fixed
Mars Rover Was Fixed

The Mars Rover missions may have completed, but many questions still remain, about the red planet and about the mission itself. 

So many of the images had blacked out areas, apparent obfuscation and pixilation, and some graphic artists and photographers have claimed they can see editing in the images. 

Is there more to the Mars Rover missions than meet the eye, are there humans already on Mars who provided support to extend the mission and ensure funding? What exactly was the mission?

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