Hubble has provided some brand new close up views of Darkspots of Neptune. So what are they…

Hubble has provided clear images of two darkspots on Neptune, smaller transient darkspot and a larger main dark spot. Both are significant, the smaller is 3,900 miles across, the larger is 4,600 miles across. 

Giant Darkspots of Neptune

According to NASA: These dark vortices are high pressure systems, that form at mid-latitudes.

In laymen’s terms: they are giant storms that are heading towards the equator.  The larger one is half the circumference of the moon. A very big storm indeed. Strong winds drive the storms and sustain them for long periods. 

This is the first time such storms have been captured on Neptune in high detail using the Hubble Space Telescope. 

Not as large as the giant giant red spot of Jupiter which is the largest and longest raging storm in our Solar System to date, they are certainly the most impressive storms we have seen yet on Neptune. 

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