On the 11th Of December 2020, the following camera phone video managed to capture two UFOs, floating over the skies of Washington DC.

Two UFOs Spotted Over Washington DC

There is no way to tell exactly what they are, but the shape certainly resembles historical UFOs previously spotted over Washington in the same area. 

Are they a military experiment or some kind of alien ship, could it be two drones, it’s certainly difficult to tell from this short camera phone clip.

However the two UFOs appear to be spinning, have no wings or observable forms of propulsion and observers stated one of them left at high velocity. 

Two UFOs Spotted
Two UFOs Spotted Over Washington DC

This is of course not the first UFO sighting in this location, as there have been many others dating back decades. 

In fact, this isn’t even the first time a UFO has been spotted flying directly over Washington DC (currently a no fly zone and a no drone area). 

In 1952 police were inundated with phone calls about mysterious objects seen in the skies in multiple locations. The sightings began from the 12th of July and continued until the 29th of July, alarming many citizens and leaving many questions. 

These famous UFO sightings were called the Washington Flap, the Washington National Airport Sightings and also the Invasion of Washington, which speaks to the fear and anxiety they caused at the time. 

Over the years, the sightings have been less frequent, but the shape and color of the UFOs has been consistent, and many believe it is the same craft coming back to visit the same location every few years. 

No official word was provided about what they may have been, but the shape and size fits with these latest sightings. 

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