Another triangular TR3B sighting, this time it’s a UFO Over Beverly Hills caught on official Google Earth, Street Views. 

That’s right, while driving around updating street view images, Google has captured a UFO over Beverly Hills. 

In fact, the Google vehicle camera has captured what appears to be a triangular UFO, often referred to as a TR3B secretive military spacecraft in two different images and in both a forward and reverse view cameras. 

This is excellent because it helps rule out camera anomalies and faults, it shows changes in location and movement of the TR3b craft and gives us the opportunity to see the UFO over Beverly Hills from different angles. 

TR3B UFO Over Beverly Hills
TR3B UFO Over Beverly Hills

The TR3B is a non disclosed highly secretive U.S. military spacecraft that has been spotted by UFO hunters and civilians all over the world. It’s one of the worst kept highly secretive projects of the modern era. 

Much like area 51 is a well known secret military base in Nevada. The TR3B has become bigger because of the mystery and its secretive nature. 

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