Hen 3-1357, better known as the Stingray Nebula is around 18,000 light years away and has displayed some unusual traits, including sudden increase in brightness and then a dramatic fading. 

Stingray Nebula Fading

The Hubble Space Telescope has provided some incredible views of the Stingray Nebula and has also allowed astronomers to determine that it is in fact undergoing an unprecedented rapid fading. 

Observing such a rapid fading in just 20 years, in a planetary nebula is exceedingly rare. 

Stingray Nebula Fading
Stingray Nebula Fading

At this point it is unclear what is causing this Stingray Nebula Fading phenomenon. Astronomers will continue to watch closely over the next 20 years to see if it continues at the same pace. 

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