Absolutely astounding photos sent back from NASA’s Spirit Rover suggest we may have found Life On Mars years ago! The rover has captured something moving in multiple images…

Trawling through old NASA images has proven worthwhile on many occasions, and this is no exception. The Mars Spirit Rover was active on the red planet from 2004 until 2010 when it became trapped in soft sand.

The rover continued to send back images for another 10 months until contact was lost on March 22, 2010 (Sol 2208).


Let's take a closer look at possible Life On Mars

With three easily identifiable rock formations as the focal point, what appears to be a darker forth rock in between them, takes on new meaning when viewed across multiple images. 

In fact in the very first image this darker rock is no where to be seen. It isn’t until SOL 1833 that the object appears. The position of the rover does not change markedly between the images, so the movement of the one object becomes glaring and obvious. 

Life On Mars
Sol 1831 - Note the Rocks in Frame
Life On Mars
Sol 1833 - Life On Mars

While life may on Mars may be less likely according to our current understandings of evolution and the requirements of life. Scientists have confirmed that water did exist on the surface of Mars and have been looking for evidence of past life in the form of micro-organisms.

Could there still be life on the surface if it existed previously? Could it have moved underground and come to the surface rarely, much like some creatures on earth that leave the oceans for short periods before they have to return to breath? 

As on Earth, life on Mars would not exist in isolation, where there is one we can assume there are many.

Whatever it is that was captured in these images appears to blend in very well with the landscape. Only multiple images have allowed us to identify it through its changing position. 

Sol 1836
Sol 1836

Sol 1836 there is nothing in the gap between the rocks, but there does appear to be a dark shape behind the left rock. 

Could it be something blowing in the wind? Perhaps, but this is very unlikely, the images were taken over multiple days and the orientation of the object remains the same, unlike something tumbling in the wind. 

Sol 1843 - Life On Mars
Sol 1843 - Life On Mars

Some questions also arise regarding the long duration the rover spent in this particular position. 

Why was the Mars Spirit Rover in this valley for over a week and why was the navigation camera so focused upon those rocks across so many different Sols? 

Interestingly the Panoramic camera was pointed in different directions during the entire week, so we only have lower quality images available. Was this intentional? 

Whatever the case, now that we have seen this feature across multiple images, if it is life, it is highly likely we can go back through the countless other images captured around the same areas and timeframe and identify other instances of life on Mars. 

Interestingly, you could posit that the position of this “creature”, suggests it may be keeping an eye on the rover.  The fact we have not identified it until now could suggest it is cautious, covert and circumspect. 

Alternatively, these images are taken over multiple days, if it is an animal, then much like wildlife photography, the rover may have camped right near it’s burrow, cave, nest, home. It would be very interesting to see what is on the other side of those rocks. 

Life on Mars

At the time of this article, there has been no mainstream news coverage of these images or this period of the Spirit Rover’s mission. Clearly it warrants further investigation as does the location on Mars. 

The images in this article come directly from NASA’s JPL mission website, apart from the addition of the zoomed areas there have been no changes, filters or alterations. 

The chronology of the images shows us:

  • 1831 – Nothing visible between the rocks
  • 1833 – Something clearly visible between the rocks from same vantage point
  • 1836 – Something appears to be behind the left outcropping
  • 1843 – Something visible to the left of the rock formations 

These images were taken by the Mars Spirit Rover’s Navigation Camera. You can find the source images here on NASA’s own website:

  • https://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/2/n/1831/2N288913564EFFB039P0635R0M1.JPG
  • https://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/2/n/1833/2N289093752EFFB074P1985L0M1.JPG
  • https://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/2/n/1836/2N289363474EFFB0A1P1985L0M1.JPG
  • https://mars.nasa.gov/mer/gallery/all/2/n/1843/2N289976994EFFB0EOP0675L0M1.JPG

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