A passenger on a flight from Tijuana to Morelia has spotted an object moving among the clouds. Video out the window of the plane shows the UFO tagging along beside the plane. 

The object which can be seen in detail, is shiny, has multiple facets and angles, reflects the sun and passes in and out of the clouds. Seen close to Mexico, it has been dubbed the Mexico UFO. 

Passengers on another flight earlier in the day reported seeing something similar. 

Mexico UFO
Mexico UFO recorded from a window on a passenger plane.

Incredibly, this is a very common and well documented occurrence, and has been happening since at least 1944 during World War I.

In fact it was so common during the war for UFOs to follow planes during the battle, they were given the nickname Foo Fighters. Which was made popular again by the band of the same name. 

Perhaps since the very first times that man ventured into the skies, there have been objects observing and following these exploits. Often trailing some distance behind, occasionally interact and flying around the planes.

However most instances that are noted, seem to be objects following along side the plane and darting into and out of the clouds. 


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