For the first time ever, Astronomers have detected a Fast Radio Burst locally. This one isn’t coming from a distant galaxy like all the others we’ve identified. It’s origin is right next door, in our own Milky Way Galaxy…

What is a Fast Radio Burst?

A Fast Radio Burst (FRB) is a short temporary, highly concentrated signal in the radio spectrum. Essentially it’s a short, loud burst of noise, that is highly energetic but does not last long, making it hard to detect and triangulate. 

Scientists have detected them coming from many different sources, and excitedly have even found bursts that repeat at specific intervals. The repeating bursts are the truly exciting ones as it has been postulated that they may be a sign of highly intelligent E.T.

Recent studies have concluded that one source of these bursts is actually from the creation of Magnetar stars. These are non repeating radio bursts, that are creating from the enormous energies required to create a Magnetar. 

This FRB which was detected within our own Milky Way Galaxy appears to fit into this category, and is naturally occurring. 

For more information on Magnetars, click here. 

Magnetar Forming
Magnetar Forming creates Fast Radio Burst

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