Solar eruptions or CME’s occur when a sun releases a significant amount of plasma as well as a  magnetic field to accompany it. This often happens after a solar flare and are normally there during a solar prominence eruption.

Biggest Solar Eruption

Solar flares on the other hand are sudden flashes of increased brightness from the sun. Often after there occurrence, there is a CME which stands for Coronal Mass Ejection. Although solar flares sound intimidating, they are in fact barely detectable in the solar constant.

How do we observe these CME’s, they are able to be seen through coronagraph imagery which was created to view the corona of the sun by blocking out direct light from nearby objects, allowing them to view things happening on bright objects, which in this case is the biggest solar eruption we have seen in years.

These Coronal Mass Ejections are naturally occurring and rather frequent, happing every 5 days (approximately), but they rarely come as big as the Solare eruption in the video above.

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Biggest solar eruption
Biggest solar eruption

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