Stunning Norway Timelapse provides some incredible views of space, the skies, auroras and the Frosted Landscapes of Artic Norway. 

Enjoy this stunning Norway Timelapse

Filmed in 4K and taken over a period of a month, the views are truly spectacular. They show the frigid Norway landscape in stark beauty to the harsh environment. 

Above, ever watchful are the northern stars, and on the painted backdrop is perhaps one of the most stunning sights on the planet, the auroras. All set to  music, it is a remarkable and relaxing view worth watching.

Norway Timelapse
Norway Timelapse of a Frosted Landscape

Norway is one of the most nothern countries in Europe and receives spectacular natural light shows known as the auroras and also called the polar or northern lights.  These incredible moving light shows rival some of the most beautiful spectacles in the universe. 

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