The Indian Space Industry may not be the most well known around the world, but it punches well above its weight. One of their latest endeavors includes an amazing manned mission to send a humanoid space robot into space. 

With a smaller budget and started much later than other nations, India is quickly becoming a larger player on a world stage. 

Space Robot - Vyommitra aboard Gaganyaan

Vyommitra is a humanoid female space robot that is the beginning of a new era in space exploration and is setting India apart. The upcoming manned mission Gaganyaan is aiming to send astronauts from India into space for seven days using impressive new technology.

However first they must test the new space technology with unmanned missions, and the solution is Vyommitra, the space robot who will be aboard the unmanned missions and the manned mission, providing crucial information and testing this new space robot technology.

This will usher in a new age of space exploration as robotics becomes a crucial part of future missions, a way to investigate where humans would struggle, and a way to combat long voyagers without needing the same resources of air, food and water. 

Space Robot
Space Robot Vyommitra

Details and information about Vyommitra can be found in the attached video. 

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