Sonification: Using Sound to See Space Differently

Sound doesn’t travel in a vacuum, and of course much of space is close to a vacuum. This means that we can’t really hear space itself, not in the normal sense. 

However a process called Sonification has been developed using sound to see space differently, and the sounds of space are absolutely beautiful. There is an orchestra in the constellations just waiting to be heard. 

Using Sound to See Space
Using Sound to See Space

This technology has many possible uses, not least of which is letting someone who has been blind from birth, experience the vastness of space, the differing intensities of galaxies and stars, the beauty in the void. 

It’s an interesting way using sound to see space. However it may also let scientists explore the cosmos in an altogether new way, and combined with machine learning could even allow us to identify unique or rare occurrences in distant galaxies. Perhaps maybe even detection of other advanced civilisations. 

How ironic would it be if our first alien experience was through using sound to see space, and our first encounter was beautifully musical.   

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