Recently there have been a spate of bizarre cloud formations all around the world. The latest, dubbed “Alien Ring Clouds” have people wondering if it’s a form of communication.

Meteorologists, are quick to point out that clouds come in a plethora of shapes, sizes, colours and are ever changing and evolving as they move on the winds. However, this is certainly a very odd shaped cloud that holds its form as a perfect ring. 

So is it just a natural phenomenon or is it some sort of alien ring clouds intended to communicate a meaning, or perhaps hide a craft?

Generally these sorts of clouds are dismissed as oddities but natural wonders of the world. Certainly that is the most likely answer, but a lingering doubt remains, but because in the past three weeks, there have been hundreds of odd sightings like these in the skies.

Alien Ring Circles
Alien Ring Circles over Indonesia Indonesia

Other instances include a cloud that observes claimed changed shape in front of their eyes, in what they termed, cloud clocking, and they believe was a UFO that was hiding itself with a form of cloaking technology. 

Alien Cloud Cloaking
Observes say a UFO cloaked and turned into a cloud.

If there is something more to the clouds than just natural formations, it is worth keeping an eye on the skies and your phone camera handy to see if you can capture one of these alien cloud rings or cloaking UFOs. 

Lenticular UFO Clouds
Lenticular - UFO Clouds

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