The second TicTac UFO sighting today has occurred in Chihuahua, Mexico (yes where the breed of dog originally came from).  A spate of recent sightings of TicTac UFO’s have been seen all across North and South America, and many have been captured on video.

Reports of at least three different UFO sightings today of the TicTac shaped UFO’s have come in from Texas, Mexico and South Carolina. Possibly they are the same craft in all instances, however the distance between the sightings could mean they are multiple craft. 

Observers report seeing a shiny cylindrical reflective UFO that has no obvious sign of propulsion. However it does change direction and speeds, so it is not just a balloon floating on the wind. 

Video footage allows us to zoom in for a closer look and certainly the craft appears to be metallic and uniform in design. 

UFO Sighting Today

The UFO sighting today presented in this video which was uploaded to YouTube, appears to circle the group observing it at low speed, before speeding off and disappearing into the clouds.  

2nd TicTac UFO
2nd TicTac UFO sighting today.

If you have video of any of these UFO sightings today from different angles, or you have observed one of these TicTac UFOs please contact us as we are compiling video footage of the phenomenon.  

Here is another excellent video of multiple TicTac UFOs

Want to see where UFOs have been spotted recently near you? Check out this excellent UFO map that tracks reports of sightings, type and detail by dates. 

The map lets you see UFO sightings today or in the past and lets you know where you should be keeping an eye on the sky near you. 

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