The Hubble Space Telescope has provided stunning views of Globular Cluster M79, also known as Messier 79.

The Globular Cluster M79 was discovered in 1780 by Charles Messier’s colleague Pierre Méchain and is around 42,000 light years away from Earth. 

There is contention about whether it is part of our Milky Way Galaxy or part of the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy which is passing close to the edge of our Galaxy.   

Globular Cluster M79 Is Spectacular!

There is something incredibly calming and inspiring in watching Hubble’s spectacular astrophotography. Watching an almost unending zoom into the depths of the Universe.

Enjoy this video which zooms out more than 40,000 light years to the edge of our own Galaxy to display the beauty of Globular Cluster M79.  

Globular Cluster M79
Zooming in to Globular Cluster M79

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