All around the world there has been a large increase in new UFO sightings. Could it be because so many people are in lock down, not working, or working from home that they have more time to look up at the skies?

Whatever the reason, people are taking note, and the number of new UFO sightings and videos being uploaded to sites like MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) is on the rise.  

New UFO Sightings - Russia

This video shows a couple who were out exploring the wilderness when they noticed something far off in the distance. 

Zooming in they were very surprised to see a UFO hovering just above the ground in the rural and sparsely inhabited region of Krasnodar, Russia. 

The UFO is stationary, and although it is directly above dry, dusty ground is not kicking up a dust cloud, suggesting a form of propulsion not typical to human vehicles or drones. 

There is a distinct double row of lights that imply a disk like shape but at distance it is hard to make out precise details.  

New UFO Sightings
New UFO Sighting in Russia

New UFO sightings throughout the world are significantly on the rise and the number being captured on camera allows for more detailed observations and analysis. 

Obviously many are new drone technology, military test projects, balloon and the like, but not all are so easily accounted for. 

Observations of craft in space, or performing feats of acceleration, incredible sudden turns or using unknown forms of propulsion imply they may in fact be extra terrestrial in nature. 

Many UFO hunters and investigators are suggesting that we are in a time of soft disclosure, where the world is being prepared to learn the truth about UFOs. 

Here are new UFO sightings of TicTac UFOs from the United States, named for their shape and colour and also spotted by the US Navy in official Pentagon declassified videos. 

Other recent sightings of similar UFOs have been coming in from Australia, Europe and Asia. 

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