How much time passed, as our solar system formed? The answer is approximately 200 000 years. Around 4.5 billion years ago our solar system started forming, taking less than 200 000 years to form. How they found out about the solar system forming is through isotope analysis.

Incredibly Our Solar System formed in 200, 000 years

The process of isotope analysis allows us to learn the original date of something this is how we figured out when the solar system formed, along with the universe and how long the solar system took to form. 

Isotope analysis is the identification of isotope signature, as well as the abundance of certain types of stable isotopes, along with chemical elements within both organic and inorganic compounds. Isotope analysis can be used to reconstruct past environmental and climatic conditions. 

This process is used in such sciences as geology, biology, organic chemistry, ecology and archaeology. Sciences such as archaeology use isotope analysis to establish when dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals where alive/died, along with many other processes including relative geologic time and absolute geologic time.

Solar System Formed

Through similar processes our universe is able to be estimated at 14.8 billion years old, while our solar system is around 4.5 billion years old. Our solar system formed from the collapse of a large gas cloud.

Scientists original theory was that the formation of our solar system was a gradual process, taking hundreds of millions of years. Now they have re-established their theory into how the solar system formed in close too 40 000 – 200 000 years. These conclusions where reached by a group of scientists in LLNL (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), by investigating of lingering isotopes.

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