A United States Iraq war veteran has recorded a video of two TicTac UFOs passing over head. The first UFO is at considerable distance and is not overly clear, but then another passes by much closer, and can be seen in much greater detail, all captured on this recording…

Filmed on the 3rd November 2020 during the day, this clear video footage shows two separate TicTac UFOs, so called because of their shape and color, and frequent observations of them all around the world. 

Most frequently these types of TicTac UFOs tend to show up over water rather than land areas. In this footage there is one at a greater distance which the Veteran starts to record, when another appears much closer.

Significant detail can be observed including what appears to be a propulsion system underneath, firing at regular intervals. 

Interestingly, the equilibrium of the craft seems off centre, with the propulsion system firing at the back and from underneath. However rather than tipping the craft up, it seems to propel it forwards, defying our understanding of how it should work with gravity. 

Is there another mechanism or force at work that can not be seen? Or is there some logical way for this design to work as we understand it?

TicTac UFOs
A zoomed image of one of the TicTac UFOs

TicTac UFOs

The TicTac UFOs have been reported for decades and made more famous by the credible reports of crew and fighter pilots in 2004 when official U.S. government video detailed a UFO encounter, taken aboard a Navy fighter jet from the nuclear aircraft carrier USS Nimitz. 

You can watch the official US Nimitz TicTac UFO video here now that it has been declassified. 

After the release of the video, other navy crew, officers and civilians have come forward to report similar sightings while at sea and off the coast of land masses all around the world. 

The cylindrical shape of the TicTac UFOs could mean that other sightings are over looked because they resemble blimbs or at a great enough distance they can look like planes as wings are less discernible at greater distances.  

New technology with high resolution imaging now available in most phones, and increased ability to zoom in has meant that observations can be made and quickly determine that these are not blimps or planes but something else entirely. 

In total there are three declassified Pentagon videos released of similar craft taken in 2004, 2014 and 2015, including from the deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. For more information and the videos you can visit here


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