High resolution imaging from NASA’s LROC website has uncovered an unmistakable moon pyramid. The structure and the size are very similar to Egyptian Pyramids, the difference is this one is on the surface of the moon, and clearly predates those. In fact this pyramid structure is so ancient it is covered in crates from many asteroid impacts over millions of years. 

The LROC website provides citizen and scientific access to the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera (LROC) system. Which comprises  three cameras mounted on the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) satellite that captures very high resolution photos of the lunar surface. 

Moon Pyramid

Here is one of the frames taken from the LROC, showing the moon pyramid in daylight hours. You can see the bright reflection of the sun from one side of the moon pyramid as the LRO orbits overhead on it’s pass directly over the site. 

Moon Pyramid
LROC imaging of a Moon Pyramid

The Pyramids at Giza for example are around 4500 years old. However, how they were built is still a mystery. Recent attempts have been made to replicate the process without using modern tools. Certainly the process is unquestionably  difficult, but it is not beyond a very large workforce of slave labour. 

Of course carrying out the same work on the moon, is certainly something beyond humanities capacity in our past. Even now it may still be something we could not accomplish. 

That begs the question, how did this Moon Pyramid come into existence? Was it created naturally, through some geological process, or through impact processes? It seems unlikely, as we do not see these types of shapes in nature on Earth, and never anything of this size.  

Another Moon Pyramid

In fact this moon pyramid is not the only one found to date. Another famous siting was uncovered in Ryder crater when astronomers were examining other lunar imagery. 

Initially it was claimed that it was a trick of the light, making the formation appear pyramid like, but further analysis has suggested it is actually that shape. Note the distinctive edges. 

Moon Pyramid
Moon Pyramid Found at Ryder Crater

Check out the video and let us know in the comments below what you think it is, did the Egyptian’s create the concept of pyramids or is it possible they were copying something they had seen? Are the Egyptian pyramids more than just a structure to their gods, are they in fact a visual depiction from when the gods came down to the Earth?


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