A short but powerful Gamma Ray Burst has been detected by two earth bound telescopes, showing the moment a Magnetar comes into existence in a very distant galaxy. This is the first such an event has ever been witnessed. 

The brightest Kilonova ever detected, heralds the beginning half second, as a Magnetar is born. This event involved more energy in that half a second than our sun will produce in its entire lifetime. 

An astrophysics team analyzed the event using multiple instruments, as two neutron stars collided. The forces involved were almost incomprehensible.  


What is a Kilonova?

kilonova is a short lived astronomical event that occurs in a tightly packed binary system where a neutron star and a black hole or two neutron stars merge together. 

In that instant, there is an enormous transfer of energy, and for a moment a Kilonova is created. However this incredibly bright nova can not sustain itself and one of two things will happen. 

It either turns into a black hole, or in very rare instances, the enormously dense mass manages to survive, in which case it becomes a magnetar, as happened during this instance. 

Kilonova forming
Kilonova forming from two Neutron Stars

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