Multiple UFOs have been seen darting back and forth, rotating and reflecting the sun over Melbourne, Australia on 15th November 2020. 

At least three objects have been spotted in Victoria, Australia, flying back and forth over the city of Melbourne. They appear to be rotating as you can see them change colour, glinting the sunlight and then alternatively turning darker as they spin. 

The objects appear to be quite some distance away from the camera and pass by a cloud. They are moving at considerable speed, which suggests they may not be drones or balloons which are often mistaken for something more extraordinary. 

Is someone testing a higher speed drone technology, or is this something else? Additionally known drone technology does not rotate like these objects. 

UFOs spotted over Melbourne
UFOs Over Melbourne, Australia

If you have spotted something similar, or observed the same trio of UFOs over Melbourne, then please contact us to provide further clarification on the sighting. 

This sighting is only days apart from a very similar encounter, witnessed in California in the US where 4 UFOs were seen over Glen Park Canyon. 

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