SpaceX Crew-1 took a Baby Yoda toy into space. It wasn’t the only odd choice though, they also launched a Gnome Chompsky toy as a challenge completion task from the game Half Life 2. 

When quizzed on why they took Baby Yoda up into space, the Crew-1 flight commander said they were using it as their zero-g indicator. 

What's a Zero-G Indicator

A zero-g indicator is technobabble from the space industry, in real world terms, its something that floats when you get to space, so you know  you are in zero-g. Nevermind the fact that weightlessness, it’s something you don’t experience on earth, so it’s already pretty clear. 

Sure you could use anything at all, but a plush toy is a relatively safe choice because it wont do any damage bumping into things. 

So it kind of makes sense to take Baby Yoda into space, and when he starts acting as a zero-g indicator, you can imagine he’s just using the force to float around the spaceship. 


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