The Universe is getting hotter, much hotter. Scientists have been able to verify this a number of ways, including using red shift from the light of our Universe. Simply put, the different waves lengths of light travel at very slightly different speeds and the further away the light source the greater the disparity in the different colours of light arriving to us here on Earth. 

A  new study by the Ohio State University’s Centre for Cosmology and Astro-Particle Physics probed the temperature of the Universe over the last ten billion years by looking at progressively more distant galaxies. The time it takes the light to reach us means they could look further and further back in time. 

It was determined the mean temperature of gas across our Universe has increased more than 10 times over that period and reached about 2 million kelvin today. 

The Large Scale Structure of the Universe refers to the global pattern of galaxies and galaxy clusters on scales beyond individual galaxies and was used to help them confirm these findings.   

The Universe is Heating Up
The Universe is Heating Up
Universe Is Heating Up
Gases in today's Unvierse are much hotter.

The Universe is heating up because of structural change and formation. This does not relate to the warming of Earth which is happening on a completely different scale, and has for different consequences for the species on our planet. 


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