The famous Arecibo Observatory has been badly damaged due to two cable failures in recent months. Situated in Puerto Rico, this giant radio telescope was for years on the leading edge of Astronomical research and investigation. Perhaps most famously known for it’s extensive use by the SETI project. Now, it has been so badly damaged that it is being decommissioned. 

With a 1000 foot wide radio receiving dish, it was integral in many research projects and astronomy observations, and was also used in citizen investigation projects such as SETIA @ Home, which allowed anyone to help go through the data collected to improve research processing speeds. 

Now, after two critical cables have failed, causing extensive damage to the dish itself, the sad outcome is that the telescope would cost too much to repair, and the decision has been made: Arecibo Observatory Decommissioned and all the benefits it provided will come to an end. 

Arecibo Observatory Decommissioned
Arecibo Observatory Decommissioned

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