Amateur video of a UFO Cloaking over Hollywood was filmed from a car on the highway. The video shows a silver cylinder shaped object in the air that has a reflective surface. The camera is moving around but in a few frames you can clearly see what appears to be a change in the shape of the UFO.

In fact it looks very much like it is turning into a cloud, but failing. There have been many reports around the world of UFO’s that change into or from a cloud in recent years, suggesting there may be some form of cloaking technology involved. Is this an alien vessel or some high tech man made technology? 

UFO Cloaking

Below you can see two frames side by side showing the difference between how it looks initially and after the UFO cloaking begins. It appears to try and cloak twice without success. 

UFO Cloaking
UFO Cloaking - two frames side by side

Certainly the people in the vehicle are astounded and can’t believe what they have just witnessed. The tone in the drivers voice seems genuine and the footage would have been extremely hard to fake.

Still it is unclear if the UFO cloaking is actually not of this world, there have been various reports of soldiers and tanks being caught cloaking in war zones, perhaps the military posses cloaking technology that has not been released to the public yet. 

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