Lack of gravity causes all sorts of issues in space. You’ve probably seen astronauts drinking bubbles of water floating around, it’s a cool image, but it also highlights one of the real problems of space flight for humans. 

If you are not very careful, it’s actually very easy to choke on your drinks in zero gravity, your muscles are not use to the way the fluid does not flow down your throat, it doesn’t stay together as you’d expect and it is a difficult process. 

Does drinking from a bottle make it easier, you’d certainly think so, but that actually presents it’s own set of challenges. Watch SpaceX Crew demonstrate how it all works and what they have to do just to get a drink. 

The pitfalls of space exploration are often overlooked in the excitement of flying around in zero gravity, but what a lot of people don’t know is that all astronauts have to deal with feeling incredibly motion sick until their inner ear gets use to the lack of gravity.

We have developed as a species to be very formidable on the Earth, and now we are the apex predictor of our planet, but put us in space and we all puke in our helmets. Luckily you now know how to clean it up and get a fresh drink of water to clear your mouth out. 

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